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Birth Photography for south gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and South East Melbourne

Birth photography has always been a genre of photography that is very close to my heart. It is quite indescribable the joy I feel witnessing a little person being born. It is intimate, raw and completely beautiful.

There is really no greater moment than your child being born. Yet due to the hormonal overdrive and the stress it has on your body, you can risk losing the memories of the miracle of your babies birth. If you are as amazed by birth as I am, I highly encourage you to hire a birth photographer. I step you through the process very carefully, meeting and getting to know each other weeks before. We do lots of chatting about exactly what you are comfortable with and what you would like to achieve with this incredible experience. 

If you live or planning on delivering your baby approximatelywithin 1 hour from Korumburra - I would love to give you the gift of birth images. 

How does the process of birth photography work?

Birth is such a personal, incredible and intimate experience. I take incredible pride that I am able to witness your child entering the world. And I also do so with the utmost respect. I have put together some steps to make the process as smooth as possible. 

1. We get to know each other - Phone consult

Firstly we have an over the consult session over the phone. You can ask me as many questions as you like and you can decide if birth photography is for you. 

After we have locked in your Birth Photography, I then make contact with the hospital and or midwife (for home births) to introduce myself to staff and to get clearance - as some hospitals have strict policies. 

2. We get to know each other some more - In person consult

I like to then meet both parents in person, so you feel at ease with me as your photographer and answer any last minute questions you may have. 

3. The lead up - keep me in the loop

I'll make weekly contact when we are two weeks away to see how you are tracking and if have any indication of when bubs may arrive. 

4. The Day! Monitor your labour

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As soon as you begin to show signs that you are in labour - Eg waters breaking or you begin having contractions - your birthing partner makes contact with me. 

I will then arrive at the hospital hopefully when you are 6 centimetres dilated. Therefore we keep in regular contact throughout your labour. And your birthing partner informs me of any updates you receive from midwives or your obstetrician. 

5. Birth Photography - How it works on the day

When I arrive - I will introduce myself to staff and come in to say hello. I will then sit back and photograph the day as it unfolds with no intrusion at all. In fact after I say hello, you will hardly notice I am there. Obviously we cannot put a time limit on labour, so from when I first arrive, I will stay until your baby is born. I then generally stay for 2 hours afterwards, photographing all those incredible moments - first glances, first holds, weighing and first feeds. 

Birth Photography package includes...

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- Your photographer will be  'on call for 4 weeks - 2 weeks prior to your due date and 'usually' 2 weeks after or for however long it takes for baby to arrive. 

- Over the phone consult and an in person consult.

- Birth photography services - minimum of 3 hours.

-All your images provided to you on a USB in a personalised image box. 50 + images. A slideshow of your images set to music as another special keepsake of this momentous occasion. 

- Package Cost: $1,200 with signed model release

                         $1,500 for a private gallery



1. What if my birth is quick and we miss the chance to have it photographed?

Obviously births often don't go to plan and babies will come when they want to. If your baby happens to be in a big rush to be in this world and I miss the birth, you will not be charged for a full birth photography service. Rather we change it over to a newborn session and I will still be there for all those beautiful first moments, capturing them as you soak up your baby and recover from the birth. 

2. 4 Weeks on call is a long time - how do you remain available?

No matter where I am, my phone will be on and ready to receive your call. If by chance I'm not able to make your birth due to family commitments or other photography sessions, I'm very fortunate to have paired up with another 2 of Melbourne's finest photographers. Once I have received your call and if I'm unable to leave where I am, one of these ladies will take my place and follow the same procedure as we have discussed. 


3. What if I have an emergency Cesarian? 

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Cesarian's can be tricky as it is surgery and most hospitals have strict policies in place that no one other than the parents are allowed to enter. I will try my best. However if my chance I'm not allowed to go in, I will wait until the surgery is finished and capture all those first moments.