Dizon Family Photos - Dandenong Ranges



Photographing in Sherbrooke Forest with this gorgeous family...

Kathryn, Earl and their two girls Ava and Zoe

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When working out a location for family photography, I begin by asking clients their favourite places to visit as a family. From there I refer to my list of locations and find one that matches the places they usually explore as a family. So for this gorgeous lot, the Dandenongs was the perfect place to head out to for some photos. 

As soon I met the girls, I knew we were going to have lots of fun! They were bubbly, full of excitement and loved to explore. Their love for their Mum and Dad was evident right from the get go, lots of non prompting kisses and cuddles. Honestly the four of them were a dream to photograph and the hardest part from the whole experience, was culling their photos. 

Here is what Kathryn had to say about her beautiful fam...

Earl & I met at high school, we started dating when we were 18 years old and have been together ever since (18 years). This year we are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. Throughout our 18 years together, like other couples we have shared many highs and some lows but we have supported each other throughout the entire way. We have purchased 2 houses together, experienced holidays overseas and in Australia, attended music festivals and watched our favourite bands, eaten at fabulous restaurants,  and enjoyed so many fun and exciting times together. We have grown so much as individuals and as a couple and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little family. 

We haven’t had any professional photos taken for over 3 years; when our youngest daughter was a newborn so I felt it was definitely time to do it again. 

Having children was something we both always wanted. I always knew that I would be a mum and am so happy that we have been blessed with our two gorgeous girls. 

These words come to mind when thinking about our daughter’s personalities: 

Ava (6 years old) – Confident, energetic, funny, determined, clever, fearless, opinionated, enthusiastic, loveable

Zoe (3 years old) – Cheeky, sensitive, clever, cautious, strong-willed, inquisitive, talkative, loveable

Ava, our beautiful firstborn. I love so many things about Ava; she is enthusiastic, outgoing and has a great sense of humour. I love the way she loves her little sister, she has a very caring nature and is keen to help others.  Ava is cheeky but can be very serious and she always gives things a go. I love Ava’s creative side, the way she sings and dances and her passion for performing. I love Ava’s eagerness to learn, she is very intelligent and it was amazing watching her grow so much in her first year of school. I love Ava’s long brown wavy locks, her light brown eyes and beautiful tanned coloured skin.  I am so proud of our Ava and feel blessed that she picked me to be her mummy. 

Zoe, who we call our Zozo. I love her cheekiness, her giggle is infectious and her smile is amazing. Zoe has a very sensitive side to her and can be shy at times but once she is comfortable in her surroundings, her beautiful personality shines through. Zoe is a little pocket rocket, on the go all the time and I feel like she has energy that can last for days! She started talking very early on and is such a chatterbox, we have great conversations. I love Zoe’s quirkiness and her quick witted nature. I love Zoe’s curly dark brown hair, her big deep brown coloured eyes and her beautiful tanned skin.  I am so proud of our Zozo and feel so blessed that she also picked me to be her mummy. 

I secretly hoped for another daughter when I was pregnant with Zoe as I have a sister. I have a close relationship with my sister so I wanted that for my girls, a best friend for life. 

Zoe adores her big sister, don’t get me wrong they have their moments together but overall there is definitely a lot of love there! 


Earl...My best friend, the person who I have shared so many milestones with and the person who really truly just gets me. I love the way Earl loves his girls – they are his everything, he is such a wonderful dad and will do anything for his family. I love Earl’s passion for life, he is so caring, loving, sensitive and is such a hard worker. I love Earl’s outgoing personality, I think I am a bit more reserved and shy so we definitely complement/balance each other. Earl is my soul mate and I love the life we have created together.