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Family Photography with the Scott Family

Hidden gems for family photography on the Mornington Peninsula 

I've been busting to have a moment to share this session with you all. It was one of those typical Melbourne days where we had a bit of every weather pattern possible. It's days like this I watch the radar very carefully, because if we are lucky enough to have the rain clear at sunset, it can produce picturesque skies and perfect golden light. Which is exactly what we were blessed with. 

Mornington Peninsula - family photography Melbourne - Flinders Ranges - beach photography

This was also the first time I've photographed at this location on the Mornington Peninsula and I must say - it's a new favourite. At sunset the golden light illuminates the red rock cliffs, giving a glow against the ocean. It is such a stunning backdrop and a great one to explore with families. 

Flinders - Melbourne Photography - Family beach photography Mornington Peninsula


I knew from the first moments spent I would have fun with this gorgeous family. They were full of energy, cheekiness, connection and loved to explore.

Melbourne lifestyle family photography - brothers - laughing - beach photography
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We headed straight down to the beach where we found treasures and watched the huge waves as they rolled in against the rocks. We attacked Mum and Dad with seaweed - which may have or have not been provoked by me;) and carefully crossed the little waterfall. 

Melbourne family photographer - parent love - kids - beach fun
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As the sun was about to set, we headed up to the cliffs, walking along the path of long sea grass. We played some more games and even found some dandelions to blow away. 

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As you probably all know by now, I ask my family clients to tell me a little about themselves as a family. This helps me get to know each individual personality so I can help showcase that during the shoot. It also helps me to know the deep connections you have as a family. It is usually the Mums that give me the info, but I do love it so much when Dads get involved too. And Tige won me over straight away with his beautiful words about his stunning wife. 

Here is some of what the Scott family shared with me..

Melbourne family photographer - Berwick family photography - Flinders - beach - family connection

For myself I always knew I wanted to be a mum and have a family, my husband fell in love with my niece when she was born and was eager to have kids after that. Once they were born he asked me why we waited so long. As you know its challenging and tough each and every day but the rewards far outweigh the hard times.

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We have our own business (my husband has trucks and he works interstate a lot) so we are very busy and time with our family is very precious. When my husband is home we try and do our best to always spend time together as a family and enjoy whatever time to have. Through all our challenges and struggles we always seem to come through them stronger and we are very blessed because we are a good team together and on most things we are always on the same page and work together to achieve the same goals in life. We struggled having children and Chase was an IVF baby but even though we had 3 miscarriages we managed to conceive Spencer and Sienna naturally so we feel very blessed and lucky to have 3 amazing and healthy children. Sure they drive us mad sometimes but it's our family and we love them so much and we really are happy in our lives. 

We have a holiday home in Ocean Grove so we spend a lot of time there and we also try and get out on our sky boat when we can, not as often as my husband would like though. We live busy lives but we try to keep them active and exploring outdoors. We don’t have gadgets for our kids even though they ask constantly but we want them to be active and engage in other activities. We love parks and playgrounds, beach and water and when in Ocean Grove we take them to Adventure Park as often as we can. We look forward to travelling more and being able to take them overseas to experience the world and other cultures.

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'Chase is 6 and the oldest, he is very artistic and creative, he enjoys jokes and anything that challenges his mind and creative side. , I love watching him happy and engaged in something he is passionate about, which is usually drawing and construction.'

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'Spencer is 4 and our free spirit. He is loving, caring and considerate. He has a really cheeky side and loves to giggle.'

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'Sienna is 2 (3 in April) and she is our perfect little princess, loves all things girly and sweet but having 2 older boisterous brothers she is very head strong and capable. Sienna to me is just perfect, she is loving and happy and I just love everything about her!'

Melbourne family photographer - Berwick family photography - Mornington Peninsula - father and daughter
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'Tige is very loving and affectionate with not only me but the kids, he is a very hands on with our kids and tries very hard to engage with them. He is a hard worked and very passionate. He is masculine yet very kind hearted and considerate of others. I’m very lucky to have someone that loves me so much!'

What Tige says about Caroline... 'What I love most about you is that you are the most kind and warm hearted lady. You are the love of my life. I am honoured and privileged to have you as the mother of my children and my partner in crime. We work so well together and you make me a much better person. With you by my side I believe we can achieve anything.'

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Thank you Scott Family - it was a privilage to be chosen to document your family. And please thank the kids for me again for the invitation to dinner - hehe xoxo

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Home with my sister and her loves

South Gippsland Family Photography

With my sister Brooke, her partner Ben and my nephew Hunter

I grew up in South Gippsland in a small town called Korumburra. As you get older, have children and as I begin to find my voice as a photographer... I've really started to appreciate my sense of place and the elements in my life that have shaped who I am. 

Many close friends in this small country town were made and of whom I still call my best friends. It's where I made the greatest of memories with my family and the beauty of its surrounds still reflects in how I see the world. 

As soon as I was 18, I knew that I would leave. I needed to see beyond the small town life and experience what the world had to offer. But we are so fortunate to still call it home as my family still live there and my sister very close by, so we visit often. 

Ben and Brooke met in high school at Korumburra and now together have a 2 year old son Hunter. I may be a very biased Aunty, but he has me completely wrapped around his little finger. He can be gentle, sensitive, has a wicked sense of humour and wicked laugh to match. He is extremely clever and is very much a country kid who loves nature as much as us. Hunter can now drive himself around in his remote control car and race his dad on the ride on lawnmower. He is tractor and truck obsessed and has a love for every animal on the planet. When he is tired he runs his fingers through your hair and will only sleep with body contact - just like his Mum! 

From the backyard of one of our first family homes, we could see a place known as One Tree Hill. My Mum would tell me that it leans over as a small aeroplane once crashed into it. (a little fiction I think;) But for me that tree is so iconic of the town. It is one of the highest points and from the very top you have panoramic views. On a clear day, you can see right out to the ocean. 

Ben's grandfather owns land just down the road from One Tree Hill, so the area also has special ties with his own family. 

The day of the shoot, the weather was typical Melbourne, cold, windy, calm, stormy, clear. So we were back and forth with deciding whether or not to go ahead. However one great thing about storms, is that they produce incredible skies. You just have to be brave enough to risk the downpour that usually goes with it. So we risked it and we were blessed with the most amazing skies you could have hoped for. Plus for an added bonus we were presented with a rainbow - I was in photographer heaven!! 

I love to include items of sentiment in shoots. So the first one ... Hunters cowboy boots!

( The tractor also snuck in. Not sentimental as such, but sentimental to a 2 year old who is grumpy after a nap and refuses to give it up;) 

Second ...Ben's much loved ute.

And thirdly...Wally the growing puppy.

The rest were all about their special connection and of course that amazing skyline and rainbow!!

This time of day is really magical to capture. If you love sunsets and pretty skies as me and would like to include them in your shoot, the best time to photograph is 1-2 hours before sunset. Right now the sun is setting a little later around 8pm and is getting earlier as we go. April the 1st sees the end of daylight savings, so shooting times can even happen before dinner. It's not too late to book your own sunset shoot, I'll still have 3 spots in March left and 3 in April. So would love to hear from you. 

Mel xx