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Just a quick snippet of myself... I'm a primary school teacher, who has been teaching for the past 14 years. I'm a Mum to two little girls, a wife to a very supportive husband and a photographer who found her love for photography once her first daughter was born. 


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Four years ago I decided it was time I went back to study, I needed a challenge and I wanted to learn about something that inspired me - so photography was my chosen path. Once I received my Diploma in Photography,  I created a business called Just Be Us Photography. During that time I have photographed births, newborns, families, children and weddings. Last year I became an accredited photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. This year, we have built a new home studio and I cannot begin to tell you how great it is to have a space that is dedicated to my craft. 2017 has also been my year to pursue the art of storytelling, learning how to photograph connection, emotion and personality. With learning comes change and new direction. So the next step was to create Mel Lawler Photography. 

Mel Lawler Photography is a culmination of what I have learnt these past years. It gives light to a new direction and the most exciting part of all, it means that no longer will your images sit on a usb in your draw! When you consider hiring a photographer, I want you to think beyond wanting a session and ask yourself why?

Do you have a wall where you would like to display a family photo? Are you going to have a baby and want to create wall art for their nursery? Are you welcoming your baby home for the first time and want an album of images so you can look back on and remember what that moment felt like? Do you want to gift some images of your children to your extended family? 

Or maybe you want what I did...


To sit in your lounge room and look up and remember each and every time just how lucky you are to have these precious people in your life and be reminded of just how lovely they are

Professional photography for me doesn't just end at taking beautiful images of your family, it also includes helping you display them with the finest of prints available in Australia. 

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* Image by the very talented and lovely Bec Stewart @Bec Stewart Photography